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Xbox One - PhilmoreButts - 02-12-2014

Taken the plunge, XB1 COD console ordered.
Got / getting:
Halo Collection £24
Watchdogs £17
Lego Hobbit (for Alex) £9.99

Just need to get hands on GTA V cheap.

RE: Xbox One - Superjoe - 03-12-2014

Any multi platform game wants buying on ps4 fool

RE: Xbox One - PhilmoreButts - 03-12-2014

I will do fool; unless it's much cheaper on XB1 or a mate has it on XB1 and wants me to coop with him. Some of us do have friends

RE: Xbox One - Superjoe - 03-12-2014

if they only have an xbox one they can't really be worthwhile friends Wink