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Wii Launch Games
What you getting?

I'm Zelda and Red Steel so far I think. What else is worth a look?
[FED] Vikki.  All-round Pain In the Ass
Im getting Zelda and wii play which is loads mini games and it was only
Im getting:

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz
Wii Play

Plus will buy Mario 64 off Virtual Console plus loads of other retro games on launch this Friday!
My game status is still listed as packing even though on orders it says dispatched looking like no wii tomorrow as long as i get it for launch im happy Big Grin

Im going to get some Wii points think i'll be getting bomberman of there Smile
oh my god 3 wii's all dispatched will i ever be able to leave the house this week for fear of missing their arrival
ok i may have been a little excited 2 wiis picked, packed not left the collection point though, third is still being picked and packed
cocks just wanted to get my money early for the interest so they picked and packed but have yet to dispatch
Id thought it was sent at first as it was in past orders and down as dispatched yet when i tracked my order its picking and packing for last 2 days yet money went monday which they are suppose to take before sending orders.. comon game get it posted !
hmmm not sure whether to get wii play or not. i'm assuming games will be easy to pick up?
[FED] Vikki.  All-round Pain In the Ass
Ive just cancelled my Wii play i had a 360 hd-dvd pre-ordered which got told wouldnt get till after xmas yet day or 2 after the decide i would get one after i spent the money so ive had to cut back so i needed some spare cash so wii play is cancelled for me Sad

I will get it later though as its only
All my Wii Stuff has been despatched (Well tomorrow it will be for Friday) bit gutted though my component cable for HDTV has not been despatched : (

Gonna have to live with Composite for a while! 8O
but no one in on Friday i need them to send it now
The component lead is supposed to be very limited stock and *i think* released the week after the wii 8O ive not even pre-ordered a component lead so i'll take my chances on the street looking for a lead there.
I was wondering if i should just get a rgb scart for if i cant get the component as almost anything is better than a composite connection.
Ive been reading a few things on American message boards and apparently other than the obvious (Sharper more Colourful image) theres not a great deal of difference.

Bare in mind this is going from playing wii with composite then going to component

I bet they see a huge difference going from component to composite

Not so worried now!
Yea ive actually read about that myself that the composite isnt really bad on it suppose as long as i get it and zelda i'll be happy with not best pic quality even

also update on my order

Your order has been dispatched on: 06/12/2006 21:14:41

Looks like i may not be on Gow or R6 vegas tomorrow i'll be playing zelda instead ! Big Grin most likely end up appearing friday i bet :roll:

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