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My Wii

[Image: dscf0001dv1.jpg]
[Image: dscf0002dw1.jpg]
[Image: dscf0003vq3.jpg]
My Wii made an appearance at 3.15 i was starting to get pissed of watch the order tracking expecting it to change to returned to depot aswell ! :roll:

Ive only managed had abit of a go but i like its setup and managed have a quick look around it aswell as a go on Wii sports when she said i should shut the curtains as i look like a freak with me stood in middle of the living room waving my arms :oops: zelda was good aswell even though only had quick go.

Im now sat suffering repeats on Nick Jnr as if i turn that off i'll have my young un in a raging fit so i now have wait till later to get back on my Wii ....and sort out the error on the internet setup it found my router ok so it is working just the setup wants messing about with as getting error message atm Sad
Only played with Wiii sports so far, but love it, mainly for its novelty value and surprise at how clever the controller is (the one you hold, not me Smile)

Lots of fun.
[FED] Vikki.  All-round Pain In the Ass
ive got shit hand and eye coordination plus my arm keeps getting tired on red steel
a major bump couldnt find asuitabl epost lol

was out local town carnival today which meant drinking from 11 am lol

My walking home always involves a trip to tesco and to date i have always resisted but today i gave in lol got sports and mario party8

cant get the fecking thing to go online though lol
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lol drunken purchase
yer lol plugged it all in and after 10 mins was like what i buy this **** for lmfao

ah well, have ot get medal of honour for it Big Grin
LIVE - SporranUK, PSN - artois, Wii - 7214 5274 3207 7112

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