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What's your Wii Codes?
I found someone in my mii parade called mini!

is it miniman or mini mii or someone else?
[FED] Vikki.  All-round Pain In the Ass
lol your being invaded by my army of mii's

ive set all my mii's to mingle but haven't received a single one back yet (bar vikki's which arrived in the post)
Slappy ive added you
ive just created some more they will be infiltrating you Wii's shortly :twisted:
So do you message your mii's i added people and put mingle on ive even send blank mails out just to see if got repsonce .......Bring back the 360 add friend then accept it method !
if you try to write a message and their name is greyed out they havent added you yet
[FED] Vikki.  All-round Pain In the Ass
you can send out your miis to people or just let them find their own way like i do, but ive come to the conclusion you lot dont have mingle switched on and travel activated as no ones arrived at my parade

currently my mii's consist of
afro man
big bertha
big foot
blondie (shes hot)
Dr S
Gimp boy
Fat Bert
Wii Mii
Short Arse
Purple Sam
Andy Pandy
Blowing Jo

visiting mii's
gay bear
Cant recall seeing travel wheres that ...names are black though and not greyed out ...Slappy has made an appearance on my wii now Smile
found it moments after :roll:
yeah travel on the mii parade allows others to come to you apparantly
[FED] Vikki.  All-round Pain In the Ass
James has just arrived would someone like to claim him, before immigration erase him

afro man has been renamed Shaft
Cyclops has just blinked his way into existence

if anyone wasn't quite certain i'm rather fond of my little Mii's, hoping there will be future updates so i can really accessories them, sad isnt it Sad
James is havoc Smile
theres some ok looking *and dodgy* mii's at
also im quite suprised theres no xmas accessories going on the mii's tbh
the music is great - especially when you switch to parade Big Grin

best music tho is on the shopping channel !
[FED] Vikki.  All-round Pain In the Ass
wtf is all this about?

i want some mii's what ever the fuck they are
[Image: bigdavrx4.jpg]
dav dont worry your mii has already been born and will be appearing on all FED owned wiis shortly in the mean time do we have an owner for Fred??

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