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RPG-type game
Since playing fable i fancy trying a mmorpgromooo whatever they're called (an rpg with other people)

i've had a look around, but not sure what would be a good one. dont mind what platform - i fancy a bit of levelling

anyone heard about anything that might be good thats coming out soon? (i loved ffxi and eq2 and wow)

[FED] Vikki.  All-round Pain In the Ass
stay away from star wars galaxies, from what I hear they are constantly expanding wow all the time.
im playing warhammer just now viks its awesome can lvl PvE like we used to with ald and gosu back in the day but its mostly about the pvp which is alot of fun and the most rewarding part of the game reminds me more of socom than pvp on wow as in playing similar maps but its different everytime cause of the people, i'd recommend it to any1 it's very much pick up n play
Let me know if you find a good one vikks, i miss the days of FFXI and matrix online!

I've been waiting for "Aion" but it won't be out till mid next year :'(
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I can't think of any games focused on rocket propelled grenades..
is this where she disappeared too?
some RPG game, probably on the PC, we should send in Spanky to retrieve her.
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saw the south park wow episode the weekend, fucking funny.
awesome episode, maybe the best one ever of South Park.
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I'm on eRepublik
If your looking for sympathy you'll find it in the dictionary somewhere between shit and syphilis

if someone wants to pay for me to play ill play with you all forever lol
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