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Giving blood
I'm giving blood in 2 weeks time, anyone done it before?
Do you get a cookie or a lolly?
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hmm, me thinks I need to work on my trophies

btw I have not given blood, but I am sure you get something to eat
dont worry about it spank, your gamerpoint score is shit as well ;-)
why is your motto -
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lol, need to adjust my motto, its probably set as nothing
I've given blood plenty of times.

You normally get tea, juice, biscuits of sorts before and after.
they should give you something to stop you from fainting or something
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back in the old days my dad got a medal after many years of donating but other than that nothing, ive never got anything bar a cup of tea

according to the NBS site though your meant to get different things at different stages (certificates, key ring, decanter, medal)
Slapp / Ted, they are trying to rip you off!!!!! According to that website, if you give blood 2000 times, you get the 2000th Certificate, decanter etc etc, but you can only give blood 3 times a year and platelets up to 10 times a year - since you can only give blood between 17 and 66 years old thats 670 times max you can give blood or 670 componants - thats not enough. You have to become a bone marrow donar and organ donar to even attempt to come close to the 2000 mark
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im only doing it to find out my blood type for the army,
it seems unless you have had a major op the nhs and your dr don't know what it is.
In my case they don't have it on my records.
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