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COD 4 MW 2
Confirmation that there will be no demo before release date,

I think we are all buying itanyway though, lol.
[Image: fs_overall.png]
This is going to be the game of the year without a doubt.

The campaign will be fantastic, and the multiplayer will entertain for months and months Smile
Oh and the special Ops mode will be excellent too, very tough but very rewarding !
what version are you all getting? pre ordered ps3 version last week sometime
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360 for me
I would imagine all of us will be getting the 360 version
[Image: fs_overall.png]
yeah 360 version for me
360 without a doubt, better controller for FPS, better friends management, better party system, same graphics/sound...
im starting to think that they might have a justification in the above average cost of MW2, 17 multiplayer maps + 20 standalone co-op missions + the single player game seems like quite a bit

Multiplayer maps

* Afghan
* Derail
* Estate
* Favela
* Highrise
* Invasion
* Quarry
* Rundown
* Rust
* Scrapyard
* Skidrow
* Sub Base
* Substation
* Terminal
* Underpass
* Uprise
* Wasteland

Special Ops missions

* Breach and Clear
* O Cristo Redentor
* Sniper Fi
* Hidden
* Suspension
* Body Count
* Acceptable Losses
* Bomb Squad
* Estate Takedown
* Time Trial
* The Pit
* Snatch & Grab
* Terminal
* Wreckage
* Overwatch
* Big Brother
* Evasion
* Race
* Homeland Security
* Wardriving
Actually the Spec Ops mode has 23 missions, each with 3 levels of difficulty - totalling 69 Stars (completion awards)

There are 2 map packs confirmed as DLC for later too, but they will of course be chargeable.

I can imagine that SJ will again shun the multiplayer with it's respawns, but I think Spec Ops mode will be quite tempting - one of the missions apparently mirrors that scene in "The Rock" where the Seal team are cornered in the shower block. There are others with breaching sections, flash and clear rooms within time limits etc.

I've gone for the Hardened edition Smile
I'm not so anti respawn now, although I still do prefer playing "properly" so yeah I will be playing it.
[Image: fs_overall.png]
(05-10-2009, 02:30 PM)Superjoe Wrote: I'm not so anti respawn now, although I still do prefer playing "properly" so yeah I will be playing it.

cool Big Grin
Royal Mail have announced their strike dates now as the following :

Next planned Strike Dates.

18th Oct to 21st (Parcels only, not posties)
25th Oct to 28th (All)
8th Nov to 11th (All)

sort of fucks up MW2 !!!!!!
[Image: fs_overall.png]
Another reason why I prefer the "digital distribution" model Wink
I was talking about cars today with a rep, and we got onto old fords,

Did you ever get paid out for your flame red escort?
[Image: fs_overall.png]
yep, had to take the insurance company to court though. As usual they paid up a day or 2 before the court date, after months of wrangling.

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