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Surrogates & Zombieland
I enjoyed, not that long a film (by todays standards) about 1.5 hours.
Nothing special to write home about, acting was pretty decent, sfx v.good, plot good but won't win any awards.

Premise, humans use surrogate mechanical humans to live their day to day lives, cop investigates a death, discovers a (thinly) veiled plot and then makes a decision that affects the world.

Overall I would award it a "does the job, ticks the boxes just don't expect too much 7/10"

Laughing from start to finish is the first thing I have to say. Woody Harrison and they other bloke (kid) are the two stars and really do the film justice as Columbia and Tellahasie.

The film just starts with Zombies already existing, and within 5 minutes Columbis explains the rules of the game and in doing so gives you the backgound to the whole situation.

He meets Woody H within 10 minutes and then the movie is basically a road trip movie until the end. Woody Harrison steals it for me, and I would recommend the movie strongly.

Overall a "fucking hell, they even get Bill Murray to cameo as a zombie thats an extra point alone just for that 9/10"

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I was just listening to reviews of this on 5 live podcast. They said try not to find out about the cameo as it's hilarious if you don't know who it is and who's coming.

Thanks for spoiling that one cunt.
I didn't think it was that big a deal - I knew about it beforehand and it was still absolutely funny when it happened.

I'm just glad I made your day, has put a little smile on my dreary face.

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Watched Surrogates on Sky a couple of nights ago. Enjoyed it 7/10
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