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Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time

PS why is there a large gap in your post
its called comic delivery,

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Formula 1 on PS3 with steering wheel- AMAZING,
I liked the game a lot before but now its sublime.
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(07-01-2010, 05:36 PM)Superjoe Wrote: its called comic delivery,

doesn't that require some comedy first though.....
I think we all know who is the most comedic in the feds,
yep - iagdadfdsfhdshfjflame !

lets bring him back !!!!!!
KOK !!!
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so , just played oblivion from the start again for 8 hours just to get 10 gamerpoints that the game didn't give me the first time around,

it was a glitch, and I had gone too far into the game for the patch to be any use to me when it finally arrived,

anyway, I had 990 points even though I should have had 1000 and for 3 years it has fucked me off, lol, NO MORE THOUGH !!!!!!!!!!

I have also played Resi Evil 4 Wii Edt, on the errrr Wii
[Image: fs_overall.png]
what 10 was it for? Kekie got the one halfway through where you had to go to a body to get something - but the body didnt appear.
[Image: Philmore_Butt.png]
yep, thats the one,
you could play on and complete more missions, and in fact get an achievement that needed the glitch mission to be completed but you never got the points back.

Its not half way through though cos you can ignore the story and other shit and just go through the fighters guild missions till you get it.

I put in over 150 hours the first time I played it, it took "just" 8 to get my points.
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world of warcraft

i just upgraded my trial...
[FED] Vikki.  All-round Pain In the Ass
had a go at wow, graphics are definitely a bit dated to say the least, gonna wait for starwars the old republic I think.

Although I am starting to really enjoy darksiders, still don't know if I will attempt is on hard as some of the boss fights are rather hard.
Spank - Star Trek Online is out soon if not already...............
[Image: Philmore_Butt.png]
(18-01-2010, 03:30 PM)PhilmoreButts Wrote: Spank - Star Trek Online is out soon if not already...............

Yes but star trek online does not have a playable "Jabba The Hut" character
my post says starwars not star trek, besides, startrek isn't offically out yet, its out on pre-order beta.
Spank can call his character "Pizza the Hut"
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How much is SWtOR per month? I fancy being Sith.............
Can anyone else imagine Mupp and ted in SWtOR - they would make a good R2D2 and C3PO wannabe combination Smile
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