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Caddy and new PS3 Hard Drive
So ive just ordered a new 320gb hdd for ps3 and a caddy for the old one is it possible once the new hard drive is fitted just to put the old one in the caddy plug it in and get the stuff I want off that?

Mainly just game saves
you can copy your games saves to mem stick and then copy them back.
[Image: fs_overall.png]
Not on all of them DJ Hero and Guitar Hero say they are copy protected which is shit!

But ive managed to delete some stuff and backup onto my old ipod under 30gb so hopefully will be jobs a gooden for tomorrow when I get new hdd for ps3!
HDD Just came from ebuyer after ordering it yesterday at about 11am great delivery service.

Was easy to install now have 320gig on my original launch ps3 which I bet packs in now ive started using it nearlly everyday!
Oh and the caddy is pretty awesome as well turned my old 60gb into an external hdd as well for backup

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