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inglorious basterds
its better than kill bill vol1&2 which isnt hard in my book, but for the most part i thought utter shit, i liked the opening chapter with the french man and the jew hunter but it just went down hill from there on in

im going to watch it again in case ive had a monumental mind fart and completely missed the genius of it all but from my first viewing i wouldnt be recommending it

just cock and bull from the mind of tarantino critics will love it and push and shove to get cock up their arse i on the other hand will be saying 3-4/10
I enjoyed Kill Bill vol1 - although don't understand why he made the fight with the Crazy 88 black and white in the west, but on the Japanese version its in full colour.........

Inglorious Basterds - I actually enjoyed; but then one of Spankys mates told it me was shite, so when I d/l and watched it I had switched my mind off and wasn't expecting anything. Best bit - is the french man in the beginning with the German, any scenes with Brad Pitt (just for him talking funny) and thats about it. I'd go 6/10 if you can turn your brain off and there is nothing on TV or and dvds to watch, else 5/10
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it was quite good, but not super amazing.
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watched this last night

enjoyed it - didn't know anything about it so very pleasantly surprised that it kept me interested

i now understand the kill bill reference (especially as she looked a bit like uma thurman)

8/10 for 'worth watching on dvd'
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