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Keep these coming
Just to say I really like that we have this section (thanks spanky, good idea).

I look at it when I fancy watching a film. So anything new you see please keep adding them here, I find them really useful.

Alex has to have an operation soon, so I'm looking for dvds/series I can get we can watch while he's stuck here.

i've ordered

# 1 of: Battlestar Galactica: Season 1 [DVD] [2004]
Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.
# 1 of: The Taking of Pelham 123 [DVD] [2009]
Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.
# 1 of: Inglourious Basterds [Blu-ray] [2009]
Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.

There's not much else I can find that's out, so any suggestions and reviews are very welcome (old or new). I made him watch forest gump for the first time over christmas for example, I hadn't realised he hadn't ever seen it.
[FED] Vikki.  All-round Pain In the Ass
check on the battlestar galactic listing that its the complete season prior to crimbo the amazon descriptions implied they were "full" seasons but failing to mention they were actually season 4 part 1 etc

not bothered with many films recently but just rebrought this on bluray and its still a cracking film, definately one to watch if you havent seen it
A History of Violence

boxset wise watched/watching all the below at the moment and would recommend all

Generation Kill

World at War

Dexter S1

The Shield S1-S7


Band of Brothers
cancel BSG season 1 - order this version instead 25 disc:
Battlestar Galactica Box Set


The Big Bang Theory

TV Series:
Being Human
Sons of Anarchy
True Blood
The Wire

Also cancel The Taking of Pelham 123 - I thought it was rubbish
[Image: Philmore_Butt.png]

Some favourite film / tv threads then...

ok, I'll update this as I think of more ...

Shawshank Redemption

Black Books

Tears Of The Sun (under-rated, excellent film)

Generation Kill Series (as per Philmore above)

Reservoir Dogs

A History Of Violence (echoing slappy above)

True Romance

Train Spotting




Sexy Beast

Apocalypse Now


Pulp Fiction

Saving Private Ryan

Do The Right Thing

American History X

The Sting

Usual Suspects

Inside Man

Family Guy / Blue Harvest / Something Something Something Darkside
Die Hard 4.0, it does full justice the the Die Hard series and is a proper rounded action flick


M*A*S*H - either the film or the series to this day still one of the best things to come out of america
alex had his op on saturday and we now have a couple of weeks to wait for the results of the biopsy. it's only been a few days but we're getting through your lists. my amazon orders look like i own a blockbuster shop.

the only thing i've not liked so far is dexter - he's just creepy

and for inbetween this stuff i just record top gear on dave (there's about 3 hours a day). some we've seen, some we havent, but we watch em anyway.
[FED] Vikki.  All-round Pain In the Ass
Enemy At The Gates - cracking ww2 battle for stalingrad, with some historical truth behind it, and of course you'll recognise elements from it which have influenced varies games

Memento - but dont use the easter egg and watch it fowards

Blues Brothers - watched it again at the weekend and its cinema history every step of the way
I do hear amazing things about "The Wire" and will get around to watching it one day...
wire 1-3 was good, then I got bored - may have been cos I was watching about 3 episodes a day
[Image: Philmore_Butt.png]
king kong - the latest one, great film kong and the blonde are spot on with the acting and the rest of them arnt half bad either
My name is earl was good - only watched S1-2 missed a few episodes so I stopped watching
[Image: Philmore_Butt.png]

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