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LOL, nice one slappy,

any other thoughts?
I watched the ending movie of II last night as III follows straight on, and it was mega epic !!!!
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Never played gow ll, open sequence sees u climbing mount Olympus to beat down on Zeus but you get id adds knocked down instead.

Graphically and sound wise its great not the best seen on the ps3, but considering the overall style of gow they are top notch.

Only thing that's pissed me off is the camera angle in the god battles they are very narrow and centre with no real room to move when the gods carry out an attack move

Brutal cut scenes and combos are still brilliant
Completed GOW1, on the PS3 collectors disc,
was pretty good actually for a 2005 game, visuals pretty good for essentially a PS2 game redone,

starting GOW2 and it looks better still, by the time I finish it I will be really looking forward to GOW3.

GOD OF WAR !!!!!!!!
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Just finished GoW 1, enjoyed it - now whether to play it again on easy to do it in under 5 hrs and get another trophy or move on to GoW2
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play splinter cell and hurry up the new dlc just landed
ok, I'll play splinter cell - anyway you have Grand Theft Horses to play? You cant have clocked that yet
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