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Shutter Island
Hmm, not as good as The Departed, acting is good, some good plot twists............being that its a psychological thriller wasn't expecting much..............don't know if I'd pay full price for this in the cinema - may Orange Wednesday it...
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I thought it was really good, but other than an actor (and director?) what has it in common with the Departed?
I actually have the Departed in my "to watch" pile,
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they are as different as chalk and cheese! I thought it was a really good film. Even better the second time around when you pick up that he's a loon from the way everyone interacts with him. Very well done. I paid full price at the cinema, and full price for the blu-ray.

Joe if you haven't watched The Departed yet you need to get it sorted. It's an amazing film!
I have it on Blu-ray, I will get it watched this week !
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Same actor, same director, not the same quality of movie - yeah it made you think and it was alright, but not gonna get repeated viewings like The Departed. Much better quality acting and directing all around in the Departed.

Could relate to the actors in The Departed. Couldn't relate or feel any emotionally attachment to anyone in Shutter Island
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yeah but the departed had how many big name actors in it! You'd expect good performances from them.

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