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What is the point of this scam?
[NYP Community Messaging - Ryedale - Computer Scam]

Notification of possible scam:
Call received from an Asian sounding male calling himself Eric stating he was ringing from a Software company on behalf of Windows operating systems. He told the complainant that people in the area had been experiencing computer problems and eventually the computers would not work.
The complainant was asked to enter eventvwr into the run bar which she refused to do. When Eric was asked for verification that he was working on behalf of Windows none was given. He did however provide a telephone number 01274 792479 which the complainant has since Googled - it comes up with a company called which has a website full of spelling mistakes. Checks made by the complainant on eventvwr revealed information from a number of people who had been called up in a similar way and reported that it is a scam.

what would typing in eventvwr do to a PC, or is that the start of some longer process?
[Image: fs_overall.png]
nothing it just brings up the event viewer in windows

the request is simply the starting point of a trust building exercise for a scam that ends with you giving them credit card details and/or access to your computer via one of those remote access pc sites

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