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I've preordred the PS3 version,
played the beta last night and liked it.

Anyone else getting it, and what version, if most are getting 360 I will get that (as well).
[Image: fs_overall.png]
I will of course have it on 360, have it pre-ordered (yes an actual legit bought copy)
Missed the bloody free beta codes off Fileplanet - I have a sub so don't know why they didnt email me
[Image: Philmore_Butt.png]
360 version I should think
Mine came today (on PS3),
Will give it a good blast tonight, as Im in and not doing anything,

(apart from packing my stuff for a patrolling comp at the weekend)
[Image: fs_overall.png]
still not decided what to get it on
any good - don't know anything about it.

Pre-ordered Fable 3, deciding on either GT or MOH
[Image: Philmore_Butt.png]
Played this online for an hour last night,
I prefer it to COD, I've never felt at home on any of the COD's, they are too fast moving IMO,

MOH however is just that little bit slower and its much better for it. Also there is less bullshit with all those stupid perks and killstreaks.

[Image: fs_overall.png]
I have had a quick blast on MoH online. Definitely not one for running around like a loon. Got to actually think.

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