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Just got a lovingly compiled DVD collection of Gamesmaster. Never been released on DVD and apart from the first 2 series never repeated on TV.

Anyway someone has managed to get from VHS nearly every single episode (2 missing) from the 7 series. All packaged up with covers and DVD labels and all indexed like a proper DVD.

Dominik Diamond is very funny and its so weird watching celebs from years ago playing games. Excellent viewing.
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Reminds me, I was trying to remember an old sitcom the other day, finally remembered it was called "Game On" - it was a classic, pretty sure you used to watch it too Wink
Game on was fucking awesome (esp when they got rid of the first Matthew).

Wonder if its available on DVD.
I will look !!!!!
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yeah I thought you would remember it Wink
yep, found and bought all 3 series.
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Matthew - was that the ginger or Ben Chapmans character? I preferred the Ben Chapman version, best one was when you starts the episode waking everyone in the house up with Manic Street Preachers on the stereo
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