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Bunch of Films
Bunch of films I've seen recently:

The Expendables - 7/10, basically an 80s early 90s action movie, high body counts, plenty of blood, corny lines and dodgy soundtracks during the action scenes. Proper popcorn movie, nothing special though, Arnie and Brucie only in it for 1min or so. Best scene is the one with the shotgun getting them out of a tight squeeze - turn the 5.1 up for that!!

The Twilight Sage - Eclipse - 7.5/10, the 0.5 is for the fact that it has girls and they are vampires which is pretty hot. Best of the 3 so far imo, but no big feat to accomplish that, depending on my mood - maybe 1 was better. Girl loves vampire, vampire loves girl, werewolve loves girl, girl is a bit of a tart and fancies the werewolve too, vampire and werewolve hate each other yawn teen flick yawn love story yawn buffy was better yawn. Fight scene at end was good but short - why are dead vampires now shattering like glass - no idea - not explained at all stupid fools.

Armoured (been out a while and will be on Sky Movies soon) 5/10. Security gaurd joins colleagues in robbing his own truck, has a change of heart, locks himself in truck..............stupid fool producers - the whole plot is stupid. Oh, yeah lets just hammer the fucking hinge pins out the hinges on the door - YEAH COS YOU CAN JUST DO THAT IN REAL LIFE ON A FUCKING SECURITY TRUCK. stupid - oh, look the chicken shit has set off the trucks alarm, why dont we just lift up the trucks bonnect and pull the fuse to the horn - OH FUCK ME, HOW DUMB DO YOU TAKE THE AUDIENCE FOR - YEAH I CAN JUST WALK UP TO AN ARMOURED TRUCK and rip the fucking fuses out to let me rob it - I've just booked my flight to USA and will be coming back a rich man - arsewipes!!!, fuck it 3/10 I must have been really bored when I watched this cos I didn't initially think it was that bad.

Centurion - Has Ray Winstone in it so +1/10, another film about the fate of the missing 9th Legion of Rome, this time they come up against a punch of picts and get their arses kicked. Has the bird from Hitman in it as the priniciple baddy (+1/10), she is mute (+1/10), she keeps her clothes on this time (-5/10). Some bloke I forget who escapes the massacre with 5 or so others and escape into the highlands (wrong way to Rome fuckheads), basically get picked off one at a time until the sods make it to Hadrians Wall. Lots of blood, lots of gore and beheadings, little plot - overall 7/10 - worth a watch if you are bored.

Black Death - Has Sean Bean in it so a good start, I quite enjoyed this, set during the dark ages and the plague oblviously, the Church hears about a village untouched by death and the plague which they hear is due to witchcraft and devil worship - in steps Beanie boy with the aim to get to the bottom of the real reason - queue deeply religious Sean killing anyone who he don't think worships God. Little twist at the end, not an action film at all (quasi religious / faith undertones) 7/10.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - ok this has been out ages but I only saw it on the weekend as it didn't appeal to me or look like the kind of film I would watch. Enjoyed it alot and was moved by the end of it. Would definately recommend a watch even if its so you have only seen it once in your life. Plot - Brad is born with the appearence of an old man and as he grows, matures and developes he actaully ages younger and younger until he dies as a baby - 8/10.

Prince of Persia Sands of Time - er 8/10 (I think), yeah 8/10 cos it gets +1 for eye candy. Jake Gyanananannanhahrelleolahalllllll or whatever his stupid name is the prince - plots stupid but based on the game, action scenes are good, gets the glove from the game, doesn't use it (although my copy was slightly dark), won't spoil the ending - but ask yourself WHY, what WAS the point - stupid. Then ask yourself why was Jake (a yank) doing his best English accent (his a yank?) whilst playing an Arabian Prince (HIS A FUCKING YANK). Call me stupid but Arab - English. Engish - Arab, don't see the fucking connection, if your gonna do a fucking accent - do an arab one, if your not gonna do an arab accent USE YOU OWN NORMAL FUCKING VOICE - idiot.

Nearly as bad as a Scot playing a Spainard to a Frog playing a Scotsman. Still, was alright, but the accent was a distraction - so fake.

Have Karate Kid lined up to watch once I sort the subtitles out.

Also watched a French film - The Prophet & a small low budget brit flick called Exam, would recommend both, will review them another time
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saw the expendables at the cinema and thought it was pretty ropey, could hardly hear any dialogue and the explosions were just sooooooooooooo OTT it lost all meaning.

Couldnt see myself watching it again EVERRRR
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Couldn't watch more than 10 mins of Centurion...

Can recommend - Four Lions, funny as fuck Wink

There is a film called "Exhibit A" which I have not tracked down yet, but is very highly rated on the quiet.
I keep seeing Four Lions, I'll "go watch it" next. Not heard about Exhibit A will check it out too.

Probably best to watch Expendables our way Joe, the version I went to see had been altered for colour and sound so I could hear the dialogue fine
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I shall try the benjamin button one if it's ok. same as you, never really fancied it but i'll give it a go now.

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