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whenever i arrange to play a game online with anyone someone is always late
Remember Socom when you had a room full of people who had turned up an hour before all wanting to be picked to play a match !
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Muppet, are u around tues night for a go at Fifa?
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ah the good old days. to be fair everyone practically lived on socom then!
i cant remember the last time i even saw someone online
I saw muppet online on the 360 on Sunday, but it was really early - like 10am or something.

I'm not online gaming until the weekend now - baby and too many new american tv series - check some out - blue bloods (nypd with Tom Selleck & Donnie Walburg), Sons of Anarchy, Broadwalk Empire
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Blue blood is that the undercover guys, saw an advert for it tonight thought I must try to catch that see what its like
nah not undercover - Tom Selleck is the commissioner of police for the NYPD, his dad is a retired well respected cop, his son Donnie Walburg is a detective that isn't adverse to battering a confession out of a suspect, his other son has quit being a lawyer to become a new recruit and is still on training on the beat. He has a daughter who is now a public defender for the state (which conflicts with Walburgs character) there was a 3rd son who was a cop and was killed by a gang*.

*Plot arc - you find out in Epi 1 that the son was actually killed by other cops as he was part of a secret 'Templar' Society of elite cops but some are corrupt. FBI ask new recruit son to join if offered and investigate - if you watch the first 2 mins of the epi - you realise that Walburg is a member. Question marks over whether Dad and Grand-dad are too.

Slow burning - looks good - epi 1 was about some peado, epi 2 was about a gang mugging and shooting on a train. Looks like each episode will have a main plot story and the characters are slowly being developed in the background with the Templar Arc as well.

- Broadwalk Empire - Steve Buscemi stars set in Atlantic City in the 30s based on mixture of real people - about how corrupt criminals ran the city and state and ignored the prohabition laws (which is all true). Think Sopranos without the family and set in the 30s.

- The Event - enjoying this - aliens on earth, hidden agendas, cross X-files, Lost.
- Hawaii Five-O - enjoying it so far - slick, some humour - based on the original; nuff said

- Glee - Highschool glee team - funny. No one would have ever said this was my cup of tea - but I really enjoy it, recommended.
- Stargate Universe - hey I'm a big SG1 fan, so anything in the Stargate universe is gonna appeal to me. Robert Carlyle stars.
- Caprica - starts today (for Wednesday) set in the Battlestar Galactica universe - slow, boring, 2nd part of season 1 so will watch to end.
- Sons of Anarchy - Really enjoying this - bikers control the town of Charming, police turn a blind eye to drugs etc as long as the bikers ensure no other crime, very good character developments - family relationship influenced by Hamlet. Recommended

Thursdays - Free night

- The Big Bang Theory - 4 science nerds, generally very funny.
- The Vampire Diaries - er teen vampires.
- Fringe - think Xfiles - recommended

- Smallville - its Superman what can I say - ok its 5 seasons too long but this is the very last season.
- Star Wars - Clone Wars - I like it.
- Blue Bloods - NYPD with Tom Selleck

November - V Season 2 starts
(04-10-2010, 10:23 AM)Superjoe Wrote: Remember Socom when you had a room full of people who had turned up an hour before all wanting to be picked to play a match !

The best online gaming. Ever.
Im here! Just have a PS3 now got rid of 360 and Wii only really a casual gamer now!
Does this mean you have a girlfriend now?
You have F1, we should race one night !!!
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Muppet - Sunday, afternoon or evening - FIFA !
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(08-10-2010, 10:22 AM)Superjoe Wrote: Muppet - Sunday, afternoon or evening - FIFA !

ok m8, I will do my best to make it on Sunday Evening, probably around 8pm
I turned 10 quid into 31 quid over 2 bets, by betting on Man U to win whilst hoping they would lose !
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