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Kindle for a bonfire (do you like that one Smile )
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except its kindling............
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yeah yeah, you get my meaning - ones the verb, ones the noun.............
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well after several months of use imo the kindle was well worth it, ive not yet spent any money on the kindle store i've just been making use of all the free ones of which there seems to be an infinite number.

i agree the concept of a proper book as a tactile read is something 'special' which the kindle cannot truly match. But like my NAS and WHS for films the Kindle offers something that a library of physical books cant easy instant access, sure give me the space for my own library i'd fill it with books, but id still reach for the Kindle to read them. And short of living in a field or ww3 knocking out the web and power supply i cant really say theres any downside to choosing the kindle instead of paper

The only complaint i would have would be the prices of ebooks, they are overpriced i get that the authors still want their money as do the publishers but i and 90% of the people in the world do not value electronic media as equal in value to its physical counter part.
Think its something to do with why should i pay a publisher when the reality is that the technology is such that they a redundant middle men and no longer someone we need to pay as an author can just publish themselves straight to the web. Of course its naive as there are still costs incurred promo adverts, servers etc but it shouldn't be anyway near past levels and as many authors have proven you can skip the middle men out now so why am i still expected to pay nearly the same price, is it greed, is the market not big enough yet to support itself

yes the rumours are of a colour version which would be nice if i read comics or used it to browse the web but i dont so redundant for me
The Kindle does have me sorely interested, and the kindle itself will go through a growing period, touch screen to do anyway with the keyboard then a colour screen, I know from reading around that they wanted a hybrid screen consisting of the 1 they use now and colour 1 underneath, but those are a few years away yet.

I do read electronic comics as well as the physical kind, the ipad currently seems like the most ideal solution but at that price point, its several years worth of graphic novels to me, a netbook seems more reasonable to me but the landscape screen and lacking gpu are still putting me off. So I guess i am waiting for either a tablet with andriod 3 or a decent netbook to come along, personally I see the netbook getting there first especially given intels roadmap and pace, which is probably my prefered option anyway.
the other thing i have noticed is that in the past while i would have perhaps 10-15 books piled next to the bed started (taking 3-4 years to finish any one book) i have been reading finishing more and then starting another now i dont know if this is because i spent the best part of a 150quid and so im subconsciously reading more to justify it or if its just because of the instant ease to access whatever ive started/fancy

i dont think its a case of tryin to justify as i can happily spend several hundred quid of a games machine and not bother using it for months on end
you know you get get a Kindle app on your android (mobile) now? So really having a Kindle still makes no sense. Having said that, all the free books are old classics or not appealing for example - The Divine Comedy, England under the Tutors, Ethics by Aristotle, The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, Black Beauty, David Copperfield, The get my drift. Am I searching incorrectly or something?
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the difference is in the screen, reading on a back lit screen is a strain the paper ink or whatever its called isnt

there are some free modern ones just have to select a genre and order as low to high, some are reasonable some are shit but thats the same as always. I suppose given the 100ish years of copy right mean most free ones are going to be classics and the subjective element of appeal or not will always remain but given the majority of popular classics are still going strong even after being written all that time ago i'll go with them being appealing

one of the daffest things ever said on here!!!

"you know you get get a Kindle app on your android (mobile) now? So really having a Kindle still makes no sense."

as slappy has pointed out, reading a book on a smartphone would be a nightmare after a while. By that reasoning throw out your fucking laptop cos you browse the web on your smartphone !!!!!!!!!!
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in defence I've not read even a page on a kindle and haven't had a problem reading on my HTC. As for your comparison - thats daft - an ebook is an ebook, web browsing on a phone is not the same as web browsing on a laptop...........fool
[Image: Philmore_Butt.png]
Philmore check the battery life on the kindle and tell me your andriod app even comes close, plus there's the screen size, the kindle is on-par with a normal book.
(09-06-2011, 10:55 AM)Sir_SpankalotUK Wrote: Philmore check the battery life on the kindle and tell me your andriod app even comes close, plus there's the screen size, the kindle is on-par with a normal book.

yeah, but by your reasoning............check your kindle - can you make phone calls? surf the net?

No. The point I'm trying to make is, if I didn;t have a mobile or a laptop etc, then yes a Kindle may make sense for reading an ebook, even at the price it is.

But as I have a mobile, a laptop - then no - to me it makes no sense - at that price. If it was £40 - maybe if I had some spare cash.
[Image: Philmore_Butt.png]
the point is,

you said "you know you get get a Kindle app on your android (mobile) now? So really having a Kindle still makes no sense."

but as we all know slappy had his kindle before the android app, and he may just like it !
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Wife has a laptop, smart phone, and I got her a Kindle for xmas.

She loves the kindle, reads every day, has replaced paper books for her.

She could not use an Ipad or laptop or smartphone to read ebooks, the lighting / screen would cause strain.

If anyone needs them I have a DVD with around 5000 ebooks on in the correct format for Kindle Smile
She shouldn't have time to be able to read every day !!!!!!!!!
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