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TV for Download (or keep your eye out on Sky)
- Broadwalk Empire - Steve Buscemi stars set in Atlantic City in the 30s based on mixture of real people - about how corrupt criminals ran the city and state and ignored the prohabition laws (which is all true). Think Sopranos without the family and set in the 30s.

- The Event - enjoying this - aliens on earth, hidden agendas, cross X-files, Lost.
- Hawaii Five-O - enjoying it so far - slick, some humour - based on the original; nuff said

- Glee - Highschool glee team - funny. No one would have ever said this was my cup of tea - but I really enjoy it, recommended.
- Stargate Universe - hey I'm a big SG1 fan, so anything in the Stargate universe is gonna appeal to me. Robert Carlyle stars.
- Caprica - starts today (for Wednesday) set in the Battlestar Galactica universe - slow, boring, 2nd part of season 1 so will watch to end.
- Sons of Anarchy - Really enjoying this - bikers control the town of Charming, police turn a blind eye to drugs etc as long as the bikers ensure no other crime, very good character developments - family relationship influenced by Hamlet. Recommended

Thursdays - Free night

- The Big Bang Theory - 4 science nerds, generally very funny.
- The Vampire Diaries - er teen vampires.
- Fringe - think Xfiles - recommended

- Smallville - its Superman what can I say - ok its 5 seasons too long but this is the very last season.
- Star Wars - Clone Wars - I like it.
- Blue Bloods - NYPD with Tom Selleck
[Image: Philmore_Butt.png]
my current weekly watches

if i'm up early enough 'heir hunters'
deal or no deal
come dine with me

New monday 5.30 - jamie's 30 minutes dinners thingy
7.30 - how to take stunning pictures

football 7.30
9pm Ramsays best restaurants

9pm the apprentice

9pm have i got news for you (new series)

paul ogrady
rob brydon
would i lie to you
jules holland

also league of their own which i cant remember what side it's on and something new with the welsh comedian which i'm not really that keen on but has its funny moments
[FED] Vikki.  All-round Pain In the Ass
Fringe is so good.

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