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looks very good, hard hitting.
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(20-10-2010, 11:59 AM)Superjoe Wrote:

looks very good, hard hitting.

Watched this last night, worth a watch, definately not what I was expecting - its on Sky Anytime for those that have it.

New troops stationed at a small base in the bottom of the Kongral Valley in Afganistan, at the time the worst posting due to the remote location and constant fire from taliban. The base is overlooked on 3 sides by the valley walls (not the best place for a base I would have said). Base is contantly shot at by the taliban in the hills, doesn't help they only have one tier of HESCO walls. Most bases i've seen have 2 tiers.

The new troops one night go out and capture a small buff on one of the valley walls and creates a new forward OP called Restrepo (hence the name - I won't explain anymore behind the name so I don't spoil it, but once you watch the first minute you will guess why).

New FOP protects one side of the main base, and I use main base loosely as I've seen pictures of bases in Afganistan and Iraq and this is one piss poor base. The new FOP is constantly shot at as the small hill it is on used to be one of the main areas the taliban used to shoot at the main base.

A few soldiers die, a few locals and one taliban that I could tell. You don't really get to see any combat as I think the journos filming cacked it so usually you hear the incoming taliban shots, then it skips to the aftermath.

Yanks love the term - Win the hearts and minds. Yet they have a funny way of achieving that. In one scene they call a strike which hits a house in the local village, queue dead wives and injured children, in another one of the Captains meets with village elders, and tells them that he wants to wipe the slate clean and start again - they complain about innocents getting shot, cattle getting killed and young adults being detained and not seen again - the captain turns around and says - don't worry about what the previous base captain did, I'm the new captain, lets wipe the slate clean and start again - like yeah, cos that really solved the problem and won their hearts and minds.

Makes you realise how easy it is to get shot and killed out there - a couple times during filming you see a soldier go to reach for his gun off the floor then see some dirt kick up next to it then a second later hear the gunshot. These guys were engaged several times a day for every day they were on tour - brutal, at the same time the majority of it was some lone taliban on a hill taking a pot shot - but still enough to shit you up.
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out on monday on DVD, can't see a blu ray though.
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