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Phone socket internet things
I am not technically minded at all and the phone guy who came round to quote for putting a phone socket in the room where I've set up the Xbox said these would be probably just as good and about the same price as he'd charge for putting the socket in.
Phone socket internet things

I just wanted a phone socket to plug the router in so I could connect the Xbox to the router like it was in the other room.

Anyone know if these are any good?
#2 dont know specifically about them but theres lots of good reviews on and i rate them for all my network stuff

as for the concept my brother used the same technology to get the web up into the loft and hes never voiced any problems with them
Can't you just run a telephone line extension yourself and fit a wall mounted socket? Will cost you about £10 if that. Saves you £60/70 and a power socket?
[Image: Philmore_Butt.png]
Cheers for the advice Smile Think we'll get these then.
The guy said something about the extension where we want the Xbox being built over something that would make the phone socket a bigger job or something. I forgot to mention, we're also not DIY minded either lol.

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