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Bill in Parliament to get rid of GMT
Just watched the tonight show, MPs have just passed the second stage of a Bill to get rid of Greenwich Mean Time for the UK and adopt CET Central European Time!!!!

Next stage is to vote in a 3 year trial for the whole of the UK!!!!

These are one of the left wing liberal scum bags pushing for it:

They argue that an extra hour of day light in the summer is more useful - for drinking out and entertainment. To be fair they is a lot of positives with their other arguements. Carbon emissions, etc

However the off set - GMT rules, and this is just making use more European.

We would have an extra hour of darkness in the mornings during winter. What this means is in Scotland it would still be dark in some places up until 10am. But generally 9am is when dawn would break.

For us in the south, it would be dawn around 8-8:30am, and dusk around 5:30-6pm. So basically I;d be getting up in the dark as per now, but rather than leave when it's light and the first rays of the sun are out I'd drive to work in the dark. I'd however get 30mins of light if I'm lucky in my 1.5hr drive home. So basically no fucking use to me.

The left wing liberal scum have left out the fact that during snowy times, the sun in the morning melts the ice and allows me to attempt to make it to work. If the suns out at 8:30am thats no fucking benefit for me.

BTW, one of the blokes who set up the campaign lives in Camdan and doesn't have to commute to work - so yeah it benefits that cunt cos he probably dont wake up till 8am and leaves at 8:30am when it's light - strange that. He actually said during the interview on the Tonight Show - it will allow an extra hour of light to sit out in the pub garden to enjoy your beer. Hang on - since when did getting dark stop people drinking in beer gardens?

160+ MP's voted for it - 86 Against - this could quite easily pass unless people start objecting
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I like it.
PS - one for you Smile
Really? during the winter you take your kids to school in daylight and they finish in daylight, under the new bill they would go to school in the dark and come home in daylight still?

PS I enjoyed Two Worlds but sod paying £70 for a LE sequel
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i dont like it, i like my GMT line and want to keep it exactly as is

i heard something on the radio which i presume was related but wasnt paying attention so i could be well off but didnt they do one of these trials for changing time once before, if it worked surely we would have changed then?

the house opposite to me has just been sold and not that im having white flight syndrome but the only people i saw viewing it were full head to tail burka wearers
Anyone that supports getting rid of GMT is anti british as far as I'm concerned and probably a closet communist.

Yeah they did a three month trial in 1971 - the population was completely against it - accidents in the morning went up, kids injured on way to school went up. Farmers, Milkmen, builders and laborers all against it.

The current argument the liberals are using is that 1971 is 40 years ago - and times change and we all live different lives now compared to then (kids still go school as far as I know, farmers and industry still start early - ok Milkmen have pretty much disappeared).

To push it through they are using the following arguements - Carbon Saving (during the summer lights go on an hour later so an hours electricity is saved which equates to millions of Carbon saved) - Really - cos in the winter when its darker in the mornings for longer won't we be using electricity for an hour or so longer negating the saving in the summer?

More jobs and income will be made because pubs, bars, restaurants, and the entertainment industry will be able to open later thus employing more staff and generating more income. - Really? We are talking about moving the clocks forward 2 hours in the summer (thats just 1 hour more than we currently do) exactly how is this going to generate more jobs and the entertainment industry? Do pubs shut in the summer when the sun goes down at 9pm - no cos people still sit in the beer gardens with the patio an extra hour of sunlight - zero effect.

Restaurants -'s called a light switch and its usually turned on the whole day.

Entertainment Industry - er don't see how theatres, cinemas, the London Wheel or other tourist attractions are affected. I've seen tourists outside the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace at 9pm snapping pictures cos of the tourist attractions are lit up at night. And if it's an attraction that needs to be seen in the light - fit some spotlights ffs. (Energy saving ones of course)

Moving the clocks forward will save lives - they base this on the 3 month 1971 trial. Yes more accidents and deaths happened in the mornings during the trial, but apparantly the amount of accidents in the evenings decreased by a greater volume. I want to see the study on this one. They said less accidents overall happened in the evening - what about deaths? If there was
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(24-01-2011, 02:38 PM)PhilmoreButts Wrote: Anyone that supports getting rid of GMT is anti british as far as I'm concerned and probably a closet communist.



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