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Killzone 3
What time mupp? After 10pm I can make it on.
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Is it just me ? I am having terrible issues with staying connected to this game, can't join games, can't see a game through to the end ??
Not known it to be that bad mate - yesterday I had one disconnect the whole night. Friday night I had two disconnects.

When you say you can't join games - do you mean when you try to join a game a friends already in? Thats a fairly common error but usually the rooms full.
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Problems I am having.....

1) I'll be in a game, that game will finish and then it all looks like the next game / round is starting. I can still hear the people chatting away in the background... but the next map never loads, have waited over 5 mins.. So I have to quit, then try and join another game.

2) I go to join a game - I get an error 928 that the game world is full....

3) I go to join a game, all appears ok, but it just seems to hang before loading the map.... for ever.

4) Mid game, the screen freezes and the background noise is on a loop.

5) mid game message "session master not available" appears on screen (ie lost host) and game ends, no XP saved, very annoying

6) mid game, game drops, message about having lost network connection, lose all XP.

I think that's it, fucking annoying....

I've put the PS3 into DMZ to see if that helps - it has been fine this morning for an hours play. In network settings it is complaining about MTU and fragmentation, have checked router is on 1492, PS3 is on Auto.

I've got another router here that I will try tonight if it is bad again, see if it makes any difference (currently using an industrial spec router - Draytek 2820n, ISP sent me a Netgear home router....)
I've not been booted out of any game, or had any crashes.
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One of my disconnects was a mid game freeze (that was on Friday), not had the session master or network lose ones yet.

Thinking it may be your router or connection?
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no disconnections or crashing yet, it can be quite a long load up for the maps which wasnt the case in the beta so theyve clearly changed something so hopefully it can be patched out

my only issue is with the ps3 itself being shit for comms, messaging, trophies etc sony just havent a fucking clue and i doubt they ever will
Have swapped to the netgear router.... ping seems better, down to 23 on a test, was 39 I think before.... PS3 no longer moans about fragmentation, will see how the game plays tonight.
I can't join Feds on KZ3 phil. As mentioned on these forums a few months back I am OAP on PS3.
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seen as ukmw dont seem inclined to attend warfighters, what about the OAPs? fancy asking them
I've asked them on their forums !
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good stuff

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