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may buy this,

£809 inc a blu ray player,

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well if you feel the need to buy into the whole 3d thing then yes its not bad and i would, but as i dont feel the need to have 3d i'd just buy a normal 40inch lcd/led tv for 400-500
At the mo my living room has an old crt in it,
so the idea is new 40" 3DTV for games room and move my "old" 40" 1080P downstairs.

[Image: fs_overall.png]
Better than the 3DTV Plasmas Samsung were doing before Xmas for £899.

Review here:
Read the gaming bit - slow response time.
Also you can pick up for £750

If I was gonna get a 3DTV I would consider, but I'm not and don't see the point until Sky 3DTV is alot cheaper and with move channels.
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Ted, Currys / PC World doing the same TV for £699 with single pair of 3D glasses. No 3D Blu Ray, but the Play one doesnt come with glasses either so still cheaper
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yeah, seen it online for that, but on the other hand ive read that once you have got the tv, you get a free pair when you register it online, which makes the play offer better again !

So confusing lol.
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