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Non Charging PS3 Sixaxis
Original release date PS3 - controller has given up the ghost charging but can still use it via USB - I'm assuming the battery is dead? Would this be a fair view? Sony originally said they would replace batteries in controllers free - had a look at their site - cant find anything?

Buy a new Sixaxis for £30
Buy a new Dualshock for around the same price
Change the battery by buying a replacement off ebay for £8-£11

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pretty sure the dualshock still have the motion sensing in them, open the old 1 up and check maplin to see how much a replacement battery is
didnt think you could even buy them now, dualshock has motion sensing for definate as I have one.
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Sixaxis completely dead now, wont even work with USB cable connected. @Spanky Maplins dont have any listed on website - I'll pick up a dualshock on Saturday.
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Problem solved; Kekie switched my PS3 usb cable for some cheapo one to charge her old phone - her one was only a foot long.
Once I switched to the PS3 cable - ps3 controller charged up.

A bit strange as I've been using her old cable for months and the controller has flashed to show it's charging
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