Poll: What would you go for if you wanted a Tablet
Android Tab (Samsung or Asus)
The ipad
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Which would you get and why?
Looking at tablets; but which would you go for and and why?

Android OS either Samsung 8.9 or Asus Transformer Prime.
The Ipad; 32gig

Originally set on an Ipad simply as I've never owned anything Apple and I want a tablet and thought I'd see what all the fuss was about..having said that, I know it's got good battery life and a massive store/apps.

Chatting to a mate this weekend, he has overwhelmed me with the negatives; Apple don't give a shit about the end user and will churn out another model in 12 months, no widgets on the home screen, expensive, not customisable etc etc.

Now in two minds, still would like to try Apple, but do prefer the look of Android, however am aware that more and more companies seem to recently just concentrate on official apps on Apple iOS not Android (RBS Six Nations for example)
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if you want the endless ability to fiddle, customise and mod go with android but for pure simplistic flawlessness go with apple
Plus apple has a habit of putting out new firmwares that can cripple a device by making it rather slow, probably part of their "make them upgrade" strategy.

Ipad3 screen might still tip me towards apple, but if I had to make my mind up without ever having seen either, asus prime would get my vote.

Apps are not so important if you can make a shortcut to a website so it looks like a app. Tbh RBS rugby app was mostly the schedule, never really looked at anything else, and probably used the feeds from the website anyway.
alright people, didnt even know FED were still a thing Tongue

i was just going to agree, if your looking for a simple browse and play type thing, ipad is very good but android is very customizable..... and more free stuff legally Smile
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Welcome back drag
been a long time since i been on here... i have a 1yr old now and live in a new house, seems like a lifetime ago that i played socom 2/3 with FED
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I have to ask,

why have I given you negative feedback and put "nothing wrong with the Royal Bank of Scotland" ??????

WTF was that all about?
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lol fuck knows, i dont even know how the hell RBS would come up in a convo on here
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Drag are you gaming at all? or are you on full time nappy duty?
i play mw3 on the ps3.. when i get a chance which is usually after 10pm when the missus falls asleep and doesnt open her eyes after an hour and say "I was watching that"

but lately nothing has took my fancy, the past few years ive basically bought COD games and assassins creed games, with the odd game inbetween when i can pick them up cheap, so atm i have mw3, rage, ufc u3 and dead rising 2, having played rage or dead rising yet but had both for about 3 months lol
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dont bother with Rage,

I am actually really annoyed with that game,
it has REALLY REALLY slow texture loads, ruins the game, and they cant fix it. BUT the demo wasn't affected by it !
[Image: fs_overall.png]
i only bought it because it was £4 new and the demo was ok
[Image: dragula.gif]
yeah, I got it cheap as well,
it is a good game, but once you notice the awful textures and the time it takes for them to pop in it ruins the game.

People will SSDrives have said it is better, its obviously down to the data streaming from the HD.
[Image: fs_overall.png]
ill give it a bash then trade it on facebook for another game probably
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got a SSD in my new work machine, power button to login in about 12 seconds. 2nd gen i7 with 8gb ram.

So much for ID coming out with this new engine, if they can't make it work, what chance do other people have. Besides it looks like unreal and cryengine have most of the market anyway.

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