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Tent advice
so yeah i need to get one and apart from having gone on several camping stints through school i know sweet fuck all. Currently reading my way through reviews/knowledge on the web but in the mean time any of your guys know anything
well depends on who is going and if you want separate rooms and if you want a tent you can stand up in, then if your bothered about it being fully sewn in lol, lots of factors, we been through 3 pretty expensive tents so far trying to find one that we dont have any issues with.... last one was a 10man dome tent, lots of room and really nice, but a complete nightmare to get up straight with 2 adults

and obviously price
[Image: dragula.gif]
most tents these days are able to be erected by 1 person. Only thing I would add, is whether you need to be able to stand up inside the tent. Else I would say just get a smallish cheap 1. Some tents come with fly sheets/netting over the doors for keeping the those little fuckers out of the tent.

For good sleeping, a blow up bed, and your favourite pillow. Tesco do some large sleeping bags, even doubles.

When pitching the tent, think about getting it in the shade for when the sun comes up, once the sun hits the tent the temp will go through the roof inside the tent. Also considering the rain, finding the high point might also be a good idea.

Some type of large water carrier that can collapse, if your going to be doing any cooking.

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