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After 24 ?
ok, so seen all of 24,

whats to watch after that that is similar ?
needs to have action, intrigue, excitement,
sort of like 24 2........


sleeper cell?
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Same position here...........gonna have a look tonight
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Walking Dead, Breaking Bad (starts slow but picks up after 2 or 3 episodes), Alcatraz (not seen it myself)
Not in the 24 vein, but I assume you've watched:

Sopranos - I've been watching this on Atlantic as they've been showing it from Season 1
The Wire - as above
Game of Thrones - amazing
Boardwalk Empire
Awake - brilliant, although looks like it has been cancelled after season 1 finished
The Borgias
Strike Back - a bit cheesey but not bad, 3rd season starting in a week or 2 on sky

Lie to Me (a bit samey after a while, where as the above all have a continuous story ark)
House - as above, but story ark as well as formulaic episodes

All excellent
goto i have like 100 shows on there i watch, most are fairly decent

ill agree with muppet on Breaking bad tho, starts off a little slow and some episodes can be a little slow but overall the show is amazing, walking dead is good, and alcatraz was decent but thats also been cancelled in america after 1 season along with the finder which was a great show and lie to me
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ive gone for strikeback, and have just started season 1 of Lost

not seen any of those that you mentioned muppet, lol
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Using Mupps Post as a starting point:
Sopranos - Have the boxsets and watched when it came around originally - really enjoyed
The Wire - Good to season 3 and then got bored...was great up until then - repeated on Sky somewhere but in 4:3 so won't do for me.
Game of Thrones - as Mupp said - amazing - roll on Season 3
Boardwalk Empire - Set against the Prohibition, violence, sex, politics and a good plot line - slow in places though.
Awake - missed it first time around - won't watch stuff that has been cancelled unless amazing.
The Borgias - Season 2 on Sky - missed some of Season 1 so waiting for it to show up on Netflix.
Strike Back - cheesy but still worth a watch..I enjoy - can't believe how they started Ep01 S02...bastards.....Roll on S03 though.

Lie to Me - Meh, never appealed to me - is it good?
House - Wished I'd got into it - will make a start on Netflix if it appears (haven't checked to see if it is or not)

Breaking Bad - supposed to be good - on Netflix so will give a try

Other stuff I watch
Son's of Anarchy - Great TV show, one of the best - great story lines, sex violence, IRA, Russian Mafia, FBI, ATF - list goes on...don't let the biker back drop but you off - this is one of the best shows around.
The Walking Dead - amazing (but slow in places)
The Big Bang Theory - very funny comedy about 4 geeks and a fit bird, Cameos by George Takei, Leonard Nimoy stand out.
Spartacus - loved this show. Watch the first episode of Blood and Sands (S1), if you don't like it then the show won't appeal to you. (Gods of the Arena is the prequel and came after S1, Vengeance is S2 proper)
Star Wars Clone Wars - pff, it's Star Wars!!!
Falling Skies - S2 has just finished, getting better as it goes on (Aliens invade earth)
Fringe - Think X-Files v Twilight Zone - another very good show and a favourite of mine.
Nikita - very average, but I've invested too much time so will watch until cancelled
True Blood - Vampires, I really enjoy this.....lots of violence and nudity.
Homeland - good Thriller - think Manchaurian Candidate but as a TV Show

Blue Bloods - meh, cop show with Magnum, it's ok, wish they would have a decent arcing storyline.

The Shield - Probably the best cop show ever made.....never did catch the last 2 seasons though - waiting for Netflix,
Lost - Must see TV, ending was stupid - but it was one of those shows you had to watch at the time.
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spartacus = 300 with more tits and cock....... oh and you see xena warrior princess' bush and watch her get fucked lol
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I can just about remember the days where, I'd work watch films, play games, catch a few episodes of something and maybe read a chapter of a book I just haven't a fucking clue how as these days apart from working it's none of the above
Lie to me, was awesome, really surprised it got cancelled
House, I have the first few seasons as box sets, worth getting into
finished Lost, was very good, shame it had to end really,

have watched series 1 and 2 of strikeback, both girlfriend and I enjoyed it,

She is on about the borgois now, no idea what its about or if it will appeal to me.
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Borgias - it's like Spartacus but set during the Renaissance, Lots of sex and violence - and thinly based on fact. The majority of the characters did exist and did do most of the shit in the show. The bloke became pope, shagged loads and became very rich - most of the royal families in Europe (south and western) are distant descendants of his.
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rather enjoyed misfits, worth a watch.

Need to start Lost now
(07-01-2013, 03:21 PM)Superjoe Wrote: finished Lost, was very good, shame it had to end really,

by time it ended it felt like it was going nowhere anyway, and the ending was stupid
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