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End of year game madness
after last year that saw about 20 games that I wanted, but didn't have the time to play, Im glad to see not many games that I feel I must have this holiday season,

the Wii U aside I can't see anything that I really REALLY want,
maybe Battlefield 4, but then I didnt play much of BF3,
not interested in COD at all, no one to play football with so no point in getting FIFA or PES,

so yeah, apart from Zombi U its gonna be quiet (and im well happy)
[Image: fs_overall.png]
i think im pretty much assassins creed 3 and black ops 2 and im set until gta5 comes out
[Image: dragula.gif]
Aliens Colonial Marines

That's all I'm after at present Wink
yeah, halo 4 !
[Image: fs_overall.png]
Halo4 what is this madness you speak off, this just shows how out of touch I am didn't even know there's was a halo due
well this will blow your mind then...................

its not made by Bungie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Image: fs_overall.png]
Horse shit its all lies, a conspiracy, to mind fuck with me

When's it due I'll have to get it ordered
i found every halo to basically be the same , but i dont have an xbox anymore so i cant even see if thats still true with bungie out of the picture
[Image: dragula.gif]
ive ordered Halo 4, and I think that cheating fifa twat is getting it as well,
Co-op campaign tomorrow or weds night?

Slappy has bought it as well according to Facebook !
[Image: fs_overall.png]
yeah and its arrived, no matter what time i get in tonight im playing it
I'm up for Halo 4 coop tomorrow night too
k, hopefully mine will come today and I will be on
[Image: fs_overall.png]
omg i had tingles down the spin playing it

ive started on heroic and its decidedly easy if im honest but so far its looked and played fantastic, its not a long game by all accounts im on mission 5 of 8 after playing last night. Theres been one flaw in the story so far but i may have missed some dialogue so gonna play the level again to check and let everyone else complete before i start complaining
I understand you can link the game to your Amex account can get £25.00 credit for finishing it ??
I too have started the halo 4 compaign

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