Poll: Which tablet?
ipad mini (32gb)
New ipad (32gb)
Nexus 7 (32gb)
Nexus 10 (32gb)
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With x-mas around the corner what would people consider getting?

I really wanted a ipad mini, but resent the fact I'd basically be buying an ipad2 just in a better size.

New ipad looking good, but too expensive for my taste.

Nexus 10, was looking forward to the specs, but I think it's plain ugly.

Nexus 7, hmmm considering.

My main issue is that I already have an android smartphone so think it's pretty pointless getting an android tablet as well as I have decent batt life from phone and it's already a good size.

Really wanted to try IOS but looking too expensive for my tastes, although I may just treat myself....would only be using tablet for surfing, apps and games the occasionally email and very light work.

Whats peoples views and why?
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the ipad was well worth getting. I use mine daily more so than any other device i have for accessing the internet, emailing, not so much gaming, i dont do any actual work on it but i do use it to present work as its just so dam convenient

only negative is apples crap map replacement for google maps. it should never have been released. I just hope google release it stand alone as an app
not sure about android but my iphone will only let me have 8 browser pages open, which is slightly annoying.

Google have already said apple haven't asked them to release a maps app, so have no plans too. Remember Apple and Google don't exactly like each other at the moment, hence why apple have developed their own maps.

Most annoying thing about my tablet is the charging, wish I had some kind of dock to slap it into.

Other than "bigger is better" as far as I am concerned, still think you will get a fuller experience with android vs ios. If in doubt get a nexus 7, 32gb @ £199, use that for a year, it will help you sort out a list of requirements. IOS is beginning to get a little stale. And remember whatever you buy will be replaced in 6-12 months considering how fast the market is moving now.
Im wanting a nexus 10,
I do have an android phone, and for me thats actually a reason to get an android tablet as I can redownload my paid for apps and information.
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Will be getting a Nexus 7 for Kekie for xmas... so there will be an android Tab in the house...another reason I'm thinking Apple.

I know the OS isn't as free as Android and that it's all dated but it still seems a waste to have an android phone and a tab (make that 2)...still thinking of an apple tab.....more arguments for and against please
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argument against,

apple is for wankers

argument for,

apple is for wankers
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(06-11-2012, 11:11 AM)Superjoe Wrote: argument against,

apple is for wankers

argument for,

apple is for wankers

this is true i dontn like getting the ipad out as you immediately feel like a wanker showing off
yes and if you buy an apple tablet and I see you using it as a fucking camera...

Apple IOS has no widget support and multi tasking is done by a separate procedure within the app, to explain that: Take Whatsapp, I can get a notification that I have a message, part of it will be displayed, then I open up the app, then it has to update separately, connecting to the server to retrieve the information again. A bit annoying.

Apple will shaft you at some point, like changing the plug on the bottom of the iphone 5 vs the rest of iphones/ipads. Buying an apple product, means you are buying into their ethos/product update cycles, but it does mean apple hardware usually has a decent resale value. Apple updates tend to render older hardware obsolete overnight.

Apples security record of late is rather poor, safari is the worst secure browser.

Ipad has no expansion, but probably has the biggest app market.

Never used andriod so can't comment there. Think my next phone will be android, probably tablet too.
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Some good arguments; the feeling like a wanker I'm ignoring as I won't ever take an ipad outside to use, it'll be for in the house only (unless it was a mini).

Quick question - how many screens do you have with apple?
You get 7 with my Samsung S3 and can only have more if you run custom roms
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according to ask.com 11 screen

I have 87 apps over 3 pages with 12 folders
never knew it was limited.
Screens as in pages that you can put apps on.

You get 7 home screens with a Samsung S3 running Jelly Bean, was wondering how many you get with iOS6.
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think I answered that
(09-11-2012, 10:23 AM)Sir_SpankalotUK Wrote: think I answered that

To clarify; thought 3 screens was a typo - that seems very tight
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