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Online gaming / other services
I go through phases where I will play several 360 games, then go on to PS3 then maybe some retro games etc,

but one thing is certain, xbox live is what makes the xbox better and its a shame that sony have not matched it,

obviously they cant at the mo cos of the hardware, but if they dont fix it for ps4 it will be a stupid mistake.

At least nintendo state they aint interested in a live type system, going for a more kiddy friendly one but sony are meant to be competing head to head with xbox.

PS plus is fantastic for the free games though, it offers great value if you aint fussed about owning the game, just playing.
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yeah its got to the point were I am just not interested in online titles on the ps3 anymore

the live experience on blop2 is very good, although you still cant move a party from multiplayer into zombies sadly.
MS are losing a trick on Live by not offering free games like Sony.....Live IS so much better, but for £29.99* a year and loads of free games you can't beat's to the point I have several unopened xbox games and even more unplayed downloaded games on PS Plus

*discount rate
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trouble is the £40 to xbox live is for them to run a service that is unparalleled. Sony by comparison use the £40 to fund to the downloads we get, plus some of the developers use the service to help hype the sequel titles just coming out (e.g. Darksiders).

If you spent that £40 on steam during the christmas sale, you would probably get an equal/better haul of games compared to psn+. I did just buy the THQ pack, which is quite a haul of games for $10 (about £6). Looking forward to playing red faction and metro 2033 at some point. Not sure about Saints Row.

That said I have let my psn+ expire, for cash strapped gamers its a good offer, it just most of the games, I have already played.
(04-12-2012, 11:54 AM)Sir_SpankalotUK Wrote: That said I have let my psn+ expire, for cash strapped gamers its a good offer, it just most of the games, I have already played.

The games do change monthly....and you get a discount if you stay a member only renewed for £29.99
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well the latest thing to catch my attention on psn is the latest Ratchet game, but even then its only £20. So no point me renewing at the moment, and decembers psn+ game is Batman Arkham City which is well worth playing, also developed in London! by a really nice bunch of guys, but I already have it.
i dont believe they will change it for the ps4 though, certainly not enough to match LIVE.

On the price point im happy to pay for both services offered as they currently are, even with limited use i still think the 30 or so times ive been online to play has been well worth it both in terms of LIVE use and free downloads from sony
i think i literally play call of duty each year online and nothing else, most other games i buy are single player like assassins creed and saints row, when i still had my 360 i was paying 40 for a new game and 40 for LIVE then playing the game a few times before getting rid of it, and probably not get another game until my live has run out lol so xbox live doesnt make sense for me
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Can we take a minute to remember the Dreamcast............

it was AMAZING, doing so many things for the first time in console history.

Top 5 for me,

Phantasy Star Online, Soul Caliber, MSR, Resi Evil Code Veronica, Hidden and Dangerous, Ready to Rumble boxing, Virtua Tennis, Tony Hawks Pro Skater.

thats more than 5, I got carried away.

Anyway, the point is, for me it was the first time online with a console, PSO the main reason why no one could ring our house in the year 2000 as I was the game using the DC's 56k modem, lol.
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my friend got a dreamcast and we pretty much spent our whole day for a few weeks playing power stone, i cant remember anything about it now just a vague idea of how it worked lol
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i had and played the dreamcast and looking back i have to agree it was amazing, however at the time like the majority i didn't appreciate it fully.

games wise for me alongside SJs it had to be Q3A, chuchu rocket, crazy taxi and jet set radio (although i never played this until after the xbox version came out i was that impressed i went and sought the original dreamcast version)

had they put a DVD drive into the machine i honestly believe we would be seeing sega hardware
yep, if it had a dvd drive it could have been very different, and twin analogue sticks !
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