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Download SMS messages to computer?
Exactly as the title implies can it be done, have any of you done so on an android device? The Internet seems to think its possible but im struggling for some reason in achiving it freely and easily from my htc hero.

If need be I'll forward the ones I need but that's gonna be an extremely time consuming job, this way if possibly, I assume I'll be able to view them as a document search, copy paste and print the info I need from them
software that came with the phone on a disc?
[Image: fs_overall.png]
dunno, good idea though will have a look
Export to text, copy to sim, export to PC?
[Image: Philmore_Butt.png]
no joy on the software disc, i just dont appear to have those options tommy, the copy to sim is there but its as practical as me copying the messages out by hand. if worst comes to the worst i'll do it by hand just trying to save some time and effort

may have just found something that works

works and really fast thought it would take a couple of minutes was backed up, tranferred to my dropbox and upload in less than 30secs
id be lazy and use a camera to take a picture of each txt on the screen lol
[Image: dragula.gif]

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