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Next Gen Xbox and Playstation
dont know anything about them, except I will want both,

it will be interesting to see what gets here first.
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dunno, would like to think they will both launch the same time, but doubt it. Sony are having massive financial troubles at the moment, about the only product line making money is the gaming division. Japan is not doing well with the strong yen and its killing exports like ps3 and tv's profit margin.

Have heard it rumoured that ps4 dev kits are housing amd APU chips similar to the A10 currently available. Lets face it the cell processor was a bitch to program for and cost them massively when going to market. Since it seems that IBM are not so much producing desktop chips anymore I think the next gen will have to go with a competitor and AMD fits the bill. MS already have a relationship with AMD over the GPU in current xbox's.

So it seems likely the next gen will be dx11 graphics wise and wont push too much of a boundary where PC gaming is concerned. I just hope the machine will ship with whatever AMD make the A12 to be, since the A10 has worse graphics than my 2 years old computer graphics card. Although the A10 chips support crossfire but only to a 6670.

Xbox first, then maybe a ps4 later. It depends on the blu-ray format, with the likes of hobbit being 48 fps now will the blu-ray format still have the capacity?
good point on the disc capacity,
Titanic 3D comes on 2 discs !!!!!!!!!!
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Next get PS

Next gen Xbox
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