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What if ?
I already called bullshit on this over on the ukmw forum about those flop counts. 8gb is must for ram of the next generation, top end graphics cards are coming with 4gb of ram now, but sony is in financial trouble recently, so they might nerf the system to save money.
and we are all eternally grateful that you pop in here every now and again,
[Image: fs_overall.png]
even my new i5 is only capable of 115 Gflops, although my aging nvidia 460 is doing 660ish Gflops

Quote:[iii] GFLOPs calculations developed by AMD performance labs measuring compute capacity for the AMD A10-5800K desktop APU which is 736 GFLOPS. AMD GFLOPs calculated using GFLOPs = CPU GFLOPs + GPU GFLOPs = CPU Core Freq. (3.8GHz) X Core Count (4) X 8 FLOPS + GPU Core Freq.(800MHz) X DirectX® 11 capable Shader Count (384) X 2 FLOPS.
source http://blogs.amd.com/fusion/2012/06/13/b...e-desktop/

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