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What if ?
what if the next Playstation and Xbox came out on the same day,
what would you get if you could only get one?

Me, as much as I love all things Playstation I think it would have to be Xbox.
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Got to be xbox. MS have delivered the goods with the online side of things Sony haven't even matched the original live service

the only thing to change my mind would be game line ups. If there were no halo or gow for the xbox release but sony were offering a killzone, uncharted or mgs then id switch to the PS
considering the bad place financially that sony seem to be, I can't see them pushing the boat out much further with the online service without an annual sub like xbox live.

Most of my friends list seems to be xbox live anyway, hate to say it but cod seems to be the 1 consistent game I am going back to each time I game on xbox.
360, I can't knock Sony for their PSN Plus service it is amazing and I've got many games I wanted but wouldn't pay full price for, not bad for £29.99 a year (that's with the yearly discount for being a member). But it all feels tacked on, unlike the 360.
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TBF i agree i do like the PSN Plus subscription. If sony want to add on an additional fee to match LIVE then i'd take it out as well and likewise if LIVE want to implement an additional fee for a LIVE Plus subscription i'd take it
Yeah, games are important slappy,

not sure what phil is on about though with his peugeot comment?
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(14-01-2013, 05:42 PM)Superjoe Wrote: not sure what phil is on about though with his peugeot comment?

Load of mistakes in my post, all corrected now
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if i was replacing my console in my living room, it would be ps4 unless xbox had a bluray drive then it might be that
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thats a good point, I wonder if the xbox will have a bluray drive, it must have, unless they are going to do games on 8 discs.
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I would be very surprised if it didn't, but I think the main way to get games will be via digital download. I know there was some talk about making a game into chunks, so you only need to download 1 chunk to start playing whilst the rest downloads in the background.
not everyone has decent internet though, its certainly going to be an interesting year.
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I was only thinking the other day just how sterile the video games collection has already become, remember the days where you got a manual, a back story, a character profile, reversible sleeves, a postcard, and map.
I didnt mind the transfer to DVD cases as i could get more stuff on the shelves and you often got at least some of the above stuff in the box but now we seem to be at the stage where at best you get a piece of paper with the T&C surrounding the licence agreement. Going digital will do away with the last bastion of the visual collection the games case and cover its not something i look forward to at all.

In actual fact if the system went digital completely although i would still game i would only do so on the basis of whatever was delivered by the subscription based service.

as for no bluray drive that would also hinder my willingness to buy a system, it has to be present no bluray no buy
VG247 Editor Patrick Garratt stated that: "Developer sources, speaking after meetings at CES, that the next PlayStation, codenamed Orbis, will have a run-capability of 1.84 teraflops. Conversely, the next Xbox, codenamed Durango, will be able to achieve 1.23 teraflops.

If true, these numbers mean PlayStation 4 will have a 50% raw, computational power advantage over Xbox 720."

Both of the next generation consoles are said to be able to play 100GB Blu ray discs.

The source also stated that the next Xbox will contain a rumoured 8GB of RAM, that will be broken down into 3GB being used solely on the console's operating system and 4-5GB exclusively for games. And the Orbis/Playstation 4 is stated to have?"4Gb of RAM, said our source, of which 1Gb will be reserved for for OS, security and apps, leaving some 3Gb for games."

Perhaps the most interesting part of the leak is that apparently several media outlets are currently holding on to documents relating to the next Xbox, said to be taken from the recent CES in Las Vegas, and are currently working on major leak stories.

We'll have more information on this as it happens.
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interesting, so PS4 could (potentially) be the more powerful, but games will probably still suffer in comparison to the 720 (like the PS3 v 360 games) due to much less RAM?
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yep, the PS3 really did highlight how important RAM is.
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