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Top Ten
I know its impossible to name your ten best games, as its a list that is changing constantly and a game that you fondly remember from yesteryear will very likely be rubbish today,

but, i'm going to tell you which games gave me some of the best experiences.

And im going to edit it till I think of ten !

Rainbow 6 Vegas - 360
The only game that ever came close (maybe even beating) Socom 2 as an online game that brought together team work and a little bit of lone wolf play into a game that had me playing for months non-stop.

Socom 2 - PS2
as above, it was the reason to turn on a console, it was a reason to have broadband, reason to own a headset, reason to ruin a perfectly good relationship (still worth it), reason not to play the latest zelda game - IT WAS EPIC.

Pro Evo 5 - Xbox and Xbox 360 back compat
yes it was an original xbox game but it was so good that even when I had my 360 and all you peasants didn't I still put the disc in to play (hammer) matt at it. It was the golden era of PES, the last decent version, online and off. EDIT Pro Evo 6 was just as good!

Fallout 3 - Xbox 360
It was the "Oblivion with guns" tag that got me interested and it was one of the very few offline games that demanded serious playtime. The feeling of freedom was so impressive, coupled with the weapons and stroylines make this a game I could happily start all over (if I had the time).

Zelda, A Link to the Past - SNES
The only zelda game I have completed, stunning game that doubled in size when you could change to the dark world. I remember Muppet and I both having this game and sharing tips on where to find the bottles that you could store fairies in. Either I was better at games, or had more willpower but I've never really come close to completing another Zelda game. Maybe it was just so good I had to keep playing !

Red Storm Rising - Amiga
The only game I have had stolen from me, from my disc box at a computer club Muppet and I went too to get copied games. It was one of my few originals. Anyway, the tension of creeping up on a carrier group, getting my tomahawks away and then disappearing into the depths was without peer.

Commando - Spectrum
An arcade conversion that although didn't look as good as the arcade (it was the spectrum!) it played amazingly, the difficulty was spot on, you always made it a little further so you played again and again. Thinking about it now its clear this game should be on my list, my avatar is this game and my gamertag (since the spectrum days) was Superjoe or JOE for short in games that gave you 3 characters. "Super Joe" if you didn't know was the guy you played as in Commando.

Gunship - Spectrum, Amiga and PS1
The fact I played this game to death over 3 formats shows how awesome I thought it was. I played it so much I could perform auto-rotation when both my engines were hit.

Soul Calibre - Dreamcast
Awesome 2 player but the reason its on the this list was the "career" mode that invented loads of fight changing ideas, such as fighting in quicksand or only been able to use certain moves. Hours and hours of enjoyment !

Phantasy Star Online - Dreamcast
I must have spent about 200 hours on this game, imagine what it was like in the year 2000 been involved in a online multiplayer game with people from around the world, in was jaw dropping to me back then muppet and I would run up phone bills not only on the land line but also on mobile phones as we talked and played - no online comms back then !
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Agree with fallout, once you got out the bunker and the world opened up it was amazing.....the sense of loneliness and then companionship when you got your dog / companion - great atmosphere
[Image: Philmore_Butt.png]
socom 2 and rainbow six vegas would be in mine, vegas was the one that let you map your face on wasnt it? another would be ff7, timer was a long long way past 99:99:99 on play time and i did absolutely everything possible in that game.... cant really think of others right now
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I never had a dog in fallout 3 !!!!!!!
[Image: fs_overall.png]
you find the dog in one of the first area's you are sent to, didnt think you could miss it
[Image: dragula.gif]
I also missed the dog
I may and go look for it !
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[Image: manic-miner.jpg]

[Image: rescue.jpg]

[Image: flashback.jpg]

[Image: doom.jpg]

[Image: gta3.jpg]

[Image: socom1abandoned.jpg]

[Image: oblivion.jpg]

[Image: r6v1.jpg]

[Image: waw-zombies.jpg]

[Image: wow.jpg]

I guess those will be the most "top" list. There are others that deserve mention. PC games are a little difficult, cos I can still play most of them.
Manic Miner
Another World ?
Socom 2
Rainbow 6 Vegas
Call of Duty WaW ?
[Image: fs_overall.png]
Manic Miner
Socom 1
Rainbow 6 Vegas
Call of Duty WaW
World of warcraft

Rescue was not a very well known title on the spectrum, but spent hours playing that game to eventually complete it, even made a map. You had to get the fuel for the escape pod, then the experiements and finally the scientists.

Flashback is still considered 1 of my all time favourite games, very playable, only thing that has come close is shadow complex on 360, was always hoping flashback would have made it to remake, but alas no.

Socom 1 holds more for me than the sequels, 2 being the closest.

Games that didn't get listed, call of duty 4, sonic the hedgehog, virtual racing (megadrive), Diablo 2 (seems so very dated now), Splinter cell conviction and ghost recon 2 which is a biggy (probably should have included it).
Ghost Recon on original xbox was great, as was RB6 Black Arrow to be fair.

I've not thought back to spectrum, but I would think there is a game in my past to make my list.

EDIT, thought of one, see above !
[Image: fs_overall.png]
No particular order the numbers just helped me keep count

1) Zool - Amiga 500
2) Cannon Fodder - Amiga 500
3) Fernandez Must Die - Amiga 500
4) 1943 The Battle of Midway - Arcade
5) DuckTales - NES
6) MGS2 Sons of Liberty (Demo which came with ZOE) - PS2

first 6 have been easy final 4 are proving difficult but i reckon they will come from this bunch
golden eye, socom, Star Wars Episode I: Racer, command and conquer, timesplitters, battlefield 2, ridge racer, grand theft auto, tetris, jetset radio , hidden and dangerous, time crisis
this is actually impossible,

looking at footage of Fernandez must die to see what it is, it reminded me of Airborne Ranger by microprose, I think on the Spectrum.
But thinking of Microprose reminded me of all the amazing games like Gunship and F-15 Strike Eagle.

I'm gonna add Gunship !
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this is why I think top 100 would be easier than 10, but too lazy to think of 100 games I've played.
exactly !
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