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World of Warcraft
i let someone use my account and they paid for all expansions... my last was lich... recently got it back, does anyone have a scroll of rez they could invite me back with?
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Spanky probably will..pretty sure he Max lvl'd his character and played all expansion' in he is a major nerd so should have played long enough to have one
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lol i noticed my account has like 9 level 85 characters, the person that was using my account must have spent every moment of the day playing it
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do you need a scroll then? post your email and I'll sort it out

sounds like you dont have mists which allows levelling to 90.
what does the scroll do?
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When your friend accepts your invitation and returns to WoW, he or she immediately receives the following FREE rewards for ONE character:
Character boosted to level 80 - limited time offer
FREE upgrade to Cataclysm
7 FREE days of game time
FREE character move to your realm and faction so you can play together

Earn Rewards
When your resurrected friend pays for at least 30 days of game, you receive your choice of the following FREE rewards:

Spectral Gryphon for an Alliance Character
Spectral Wind Rider for a Horde character
im sorry i asked now
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exactly why i didnt ask
lol and yeah i got mists, they bought it and literally played it a week, i think i have 1 char at level 89 on there
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I have just sent it
cheers, person that had the account must have used one before, it says i cant use it Sad
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