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Which next Gen, and where to order from ?

Xbox One is calling me, just because I've always preferred the online / controller / menu system etc

I guess some deals will appear soon and the best place to order from will become clear...

What's everyones plans ?
Waiting until I hear PS4 price tonight. Xbox is my natural choice for reasons you've given....but PS4 more appealing at no just because MS have lost its way recently and Sony and PS Plus is just amazing value......I know Gold will be giving 2 games a month...but have to see
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ive put money aside in preparation for the next gen so i can go with both

If Sony can establish a working online service then it will become my platform of choice and MS will just be for the exclusives Halo, Titanfall etc
both from Shopto
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Drive Club FREE to PS subs !
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ordered a hdmi box as im gonna need 6 inputs now !!!!
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Pretty much a MS fanboy, but Sony just seem to be doing everything right at the mo, too hard to ignore and everyone is using tablets, making the ipad decision a bit harder

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