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Which and When ?
my 51" 1080P 3DTV wifi smart tv was a fucking bargain at less then £900, love it.
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(13-06-2013, 02:05 PM)PhilmoreButts Wrote: my Sony has a button on remote spank to remove display info from screen and setting in menu for no input names on screen. 46 inch LCD full HD so no change for me....too early with the whole smart tv, 3D, 4K options...waiting till it all settles down

Its a known problem with the firmware of my tv, and yes I know about the button.
well woke up today and i read xbox has dropped all the reasons people were boycotting them console... also seems xbox showed off games running at full 1080 and 60fps where as ps4 was playing full 1080 at 30fps, i wonder if people will change their mind to xbox one again now the rules have been dropped
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I preferred the always on-line and cloud sharing to be honest - I think it's the future but the fuckwit masses were not ready for it.
it might be the future but im with the fuckwits i like my physical media Msn_nerd
that make me fuckwit number 1 lol
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im with muppet on this one,

microsoft should have done their own thing and ignored the fuckwits.
I love my physical games but things change, I was interested in the future, now its just the same but with better graphics.
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its quite simple, ms could have adopted physical media for offline, then used their existing cloud/sharing with 24hr check in for digital downloads.
nope, cos their vision was to copy the game to the harddrive so you could pop in and out of games, to have a digital library.

it was all or nothing, essentially the online check was neccessary to stop wankers abusing the system, those same wankers have spoilt it for everone.
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I dont get people who whinge about stuff,

it was quite simple, dont buy it, buy a ps4 or stick with 360
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anyway if a pastebin is to be believed, the game sharing works more like a short demo mode rather than sharing full games

yes, but you could have been at a mates house and had all your games with you, that was quite cool.
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yes but you would still have to wait for it download, taking the physical media with you is still really the only real option given broadband speeds in the uk
I've no problem with always on my issue is that its still a bit early to role out in this country as the infrastructure isn't as great as it could be. I lose about 2 weeks a year on line service with problems between either BeThere or BT.
BeThere are worse as it takes them days to trace fault and the answer has always been..someone changed a setting somewhere and your router isn't compatible (why I got them to supply me their own router last time it happened). BT is usually a planned outage and improvement works.
My point being that if you've paid your money you should be allowed to play your game...maybe set up a credit system...each month you have system connected for 24 hour check you get 24 hour credit...if the system cant run an online check it eats into credit before disabling access to your games?
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well its all irrelevant now,
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