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Just Cos I'm Updating Stuff
What Browser and AV does everyone use and why?

Was using Kaspersky and Chrome, been having issues with Chrome of late and Kaspersky wouldn't pick up the Virus I recently had so switching to Firefox and AVG (which did) unless people have good recommendations
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chrome and standard windows stuff for AV
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Chrome and kaspersky and can't see me changing
chrome and windows security essentials, because its free, updated daily and pretty decent
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firefox and chrome, not alot to choose between them, but fonts tend to look better on firefox at the moment until google sort out the font rendering.

At work we use ESET Antivirus (NOD32), at home I use Windows Defender (thats whats its called on win8, on win7 its called Microsoft Security Essentials). On windows7 always disable Windows Defender as its a pig.

If you are using win8, make sure you apply the 8.1 update via windows store.
windows defender is the adware and firewall controller thing in windows vista and 7, became a full fledged antivirus for windows 8 i believe
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had chrome, kaspersky and mse running on my win 7 os pc...none picked up the virus nor detected it when I specifically ran mse and kaspersky.

Kaspersky and Chrome flagged up something was wrong would let me go to any secure websites..kaspersky kept giving me pop ups saying something was trying to open a secure connection.

Used both for years no reluctant to chance just concerned neither neither kaspersky nor MSE detected the virus and had to install and run AVG
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