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Xbox One users - help please
If you've an xbox one, please can you go to settings, network, and advanced network statistics and then post back here your latency result ?

mines 152ms, pretty much consistently, which doesn't seem great - and COD online feels like I'm always 2 steps behind, so I'm wondering if I have an ISP issue.

So, if you can let me know the latency reported on that screen please on your xbox one, your geographic location, and your ISP ?

thanks Wink
that is pretty high, surely xbone isnt that bad in dealing with it so id assume its either router settings or yeah isp issues, either could sort itself out by turning your router off for a minute and turning it back on, if your with virgin media they occasionally have slow few days if changing something about an area and if your not with virgin media, why the hell not, get it sorted lol
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wifi or wired, 150~ does seems a bit high but that might be a round trip.

PS I don't have a xbox one Sad
I will look tonight to make a proper record,

but I think when I was messing around with it on friday night it was 150 ish, but I didn't really pay much attention so could be totally wrong.

Im with virgin btw
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BT, stockport, 130
wow 130 too.. xbox was always the better online service, surely its dialing it in atm so maybe crappy response times
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at this stage we don't know where it is running it's tests too, what is an acceptable range, whether it is variable - hence the request - hopefully more results will glean more information.
ive only played the alien co-op online thing and cant say ive felt im delayed in any manor. The only thing i suffer from is incompetent players screwing up the challenges
159 ms
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