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Vault of Glass Raid
3 Hours on Vault of Glass last night and only made it to the last phase of the Templar. I reckon we would have done it except it being after 2am and people starting going bed.

1st Section of the raid.
You spawn at the start in a green open area of Venus. There are 3 circles on the ground, left, middle and right. Left circle is ground level under an overhang, middle is directly in front of the Vault of Glass doors (big circular door), right is up the hill past the other 2.

When you stand in them, they turn white and enemy spawn towards them. Once you turn the circle white you don't have to stay in it and can move away - once all three are white the conflux starts forming that will unlock the vault doors - takes about 2.5 minutes. Enemies will start spawning and heading for the circles, as soon as they enter the circle turns red and the conflux will start to disappear - you need to kill the Pretorian Goblins as soon as they appear as they charge for the circles and take more time to kill. Mop up the other vex after (hobgoblin, hydras, goblins - in that order).

Quickest way is to have 2 members of the team on each circle, one person uses their special powers on a Pretorian at a time, it will either kill it outright or take 80% of his health (removing the shield completely), other person collects the orbs of light released to charge their power for the next pretorian - repeat.

Each circle will have two locations that the enemies spawn, I know that the lower and middle ones are basically either side. I think the higher circle is the harder one and you need the strongest members of the team with best powers / weapons.

Once you open the vault you move onto the Templar
This took my team last night a long time to work to the 4 phase of 5 as only one person had made it that far.
Guide here:
Templar Guide and layout maps

First couple phases easy as it's just protect the confluxes, at the game progresses you get "franatics" that charge for the confluxes - you need to kill these IMMEDIATELY. If you get marked (called a Mark of Negation - you get a green aura) which will happen if you touch an enemy, or step in the green residue that the franatics leave behind when killed - you MUST run into the pool of light to "cleanse" yourself. If you don't - you will die immediately when the Templar casts a Ritual of Negation which is does every so often. If you are not marked you don't have to worry, if you are marked you don't have to cleanse until you see the screen flash up that the Templar is about to cast the Ritual of Negation.

The phases get progressly harder until you get to the 4th phase - the Orbs. We struggled on this as no one would listen to me to take out the Hobgoblins (snipers) each them they spawned then split the team and have 3 each side of the map, 2 front a 1 back. Check the map in the link I posted why this is needed.

Thats how far I got in the Raid. Did enjoy it.
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did you do it yet?
[FED] Vikki.  All-round Pain In the Ass
lol no
ive still not tried since the first time when we couldnt even get into the place, im lvl 28 now but still need a better primary gun..... currently working on a exotic pulse rifle with purple(void?) damage

did you see there is a way to beat the final guy pretty quickly, you can force him to fall off the edge with supers 
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if you need anyone next time you're trying can i come?

i'll push him over the edge!!
[FED] Vikki.  All-round Pain In the Ass

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