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AS I SAID ALL ALONG !!!!!!!!!!
Trust me Joe, I thought twice about the bmw in gold, but it does look nicer then say a red type r, especially on those nice 18 inch alloys,...........

(not trying to knock the honda btw, I do really like them and was considering one before I got the bmw) my personal choice would be a black m3 with imola red leather interior.

Quote:have a bigger and better alunch line up than the other next gen consoles@launch - chek

Hmm, just looked on IGN
Resistance and Motorstorm = 9
NFS Carbon = 7.9 (8.2 for the 360)
F1 = 7.5
COD3 = 7.8 (8.8 for 360)
Virtua Tennis 3 = 7.8
Blazing Angels = 7
RR7 = 7.9 (uk)
Sonic = 4.2
Genji = 5.5
Godfather = 7.5

Now I've only listed them games as they are the most sold according to Play - so with the exceptance of Resistance and Motorstom, I dont think your comment is that accurate.

Generally it may be better if you back up any statements you make with some evidence?
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The reason the PS score are lower than the 360 equivelant is for a few reasons,

a) different reveiewer
b) different platform expectations (would manic minor score 95% today? No, it did then)

Unless people have both then they have no RIGHT to comment imo.

The PS3 has the better GUI by a long shot, it is easier to use, it looks nicer and cleaner, it is more logical .

In general the whole hardware build looks and feels, well better, finished, classy, The thing makes no noise, it really puts the 360 to shame there.

Online isn't as intergrated no, but that will come. But there is NO 360 online game that competes performance wise with Reisistance on the PS3. 40 players no lag, ever, not once have i seen it.

It hasn't become the fastest selling Eurpean console for nothing.

I have used my 360 ONCE since I got it, and that was last night.
so 360 not totally redundant then?

Also bit of light entertainment below
If your looking for sympathy you'll find it in the dictionary somewhere between shit and syphilis


360 wins! Doesn't prove much tbh but its just a bit of fun!
I miss threads like this!

You koks
[FED] Vikki.  All-round Pain In the Ass
Also, was he right? which console won?
[FED] Vikki.  All-round Pain In the Ass
It doesn't matter, the consumer wins!
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wii won by miles on number of consoles sold, but they have reached saturation point, hence why the number of sales are declining.

MS has the best online experience

Sony has blu-ray
so, in conclusion,

have all 3.
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