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AS I SAID ALL ALONG !!!!!!!!!!
wheres the proof of this?

we have been receiving phone calls at work every hour or so because some people can't figure out how to set the thing up. All i've heard is that despite it being a wonderful piece of kit the GUI is way overcomplicated and it was a mistake to copy the psp one because of the sheer volume of menus.
I'm on about the fact that its the fastest selling console in the UK,

AND, there is still stock available !!!!!!!!
the xmenu thing is a piece of piss to navigate!
got a link to those figures?
Also reliably informed by my mate at Gameplay that they have sold loads and still have stcck,

I'd say that is a success !!!!!!!!!!!!

As I have said,

better to sell 15 bikes and have 5 left,

than to sell 10 and run out, even though its classed as a sell out,

AND WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT IT BEEN HARD TO PROGRAM, everyone said that about the PS2 when it came out, did that struggle to do well?????????
in that respect it is, but every retailer had more stock allocated than they knew what to do with, i can't mention company names as i'll get the sack but i'll give a breakdown:

company a had 2k preorders, they received 6k ps3s
company b had 3k preorders and received 5k ps3s
company c had 1k preorders and received 10k ps3s
company d had 8k preorders and received 15k ps3s

99% of those preorders will have been collected on the first weekend, and roughly 50% of the freely available stock will have gone in that same time from people who didn't preorder

this still leaves a major stock holding for several companies, and now that the initial launch is over it's going to be relatively quiet with only steady sales, nothing major. UNTIL a killer app is launched, or christmas. whichever comes first

joe, i never said it was hard to program...i said the GUI (graphical user interface) was more complicated than it needed to be
I'd say that was good news for Sony,

bad news would be Sony having a warehouse full of them,

If Company A has 6k units, its cos they ordered them,
they ordered that many expecting there to be a demand for that many, loads of companies right now are sat on PS3 stock they haven't sold, but will have to pay sony for them in a few weeks
the triangle button is now like a options button and the circle button is like back
thats business dan,

we have 300k of bikes due to be paid in May/June, but you need the stock to sell it.
People have to remember 1 thing which seems to be overlooked especially the ones moaning about the price!

Playstation 3 is built to last for an estimated 10 years in which time we will probably have a new Xbox (Black one already) and Nintendo launched, maybe more than 1!

Blu-Ray is fantastic and games with 1080p (If your SD get out the sewer NOW) graphics and Uncompressed audio they literally blow your mind (Especially Movies)!

I thought Xbox was good but PS3 just threw it out the window (Several times)!

Unless your a blind nun with turrets I don't think you will have any problem using the XMB if you are Id suggest picking up a PSP and getting to grips with practically the same GU FUCKING I just less options!

PS3 > XBOX 360
I've told you a million times not to exagerate how good PS3 is :!:
Most of that is copied off the box :?:

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