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Mario Strikers leads Wii online in Europe

Quote:Mario Strikers: Charged Football will be the first online enabled Wii game to hit Europe on May 25th.

The multiplayer mode sees up to four players in any one game (players must split between two teams). Players can also use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to play online. Multiplayer modes include Ranked mode where players can compete to climb up leaderboards and Unranked mode where they can quickly select and play friends.

We now return to praying for Nintendo to stop using individual friend codes per game.

Could be good, Hope its good wii is crying out for something interesting!
played this a few times now and like it

i'm rubbish at it (there's a surprise) but i pretend its me playing and let alex play which works out marginally better until joe scores a goal in the last 5 seconds of the game.
[FED] Vikki.  All-round Pain In the Ass
Its a good game you do need to do that tutorial though to be able to play it at all as its not the type of game you can just jump straight into with it having all the power up things and stuff Rolleyes
I've been to pick this up today its a lot of fun!

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